The First Creativity-Boosting and Awe-Inspiring Mindfulness Practice

Vishnu_Sol Symbol Contemplation!

This one is easy.

Step 1: Read the post of the day and think about the image. Just take it in.

Step 2: The symbol is special in that it is specific to the day and will come up again in a year. These symbols are meant to symbolize the energy of the day. You can read more about them here.

Step 3: Try to recall the symbol through the day and see if you find its meaning in other experiences you have. Compare the symbol to the people who come into your life that day.  See if you meet more people who’s birthday it is.


A Simple Experiment – Mindfulness Practice #2

Art by Breitling

I say simple, but many people recoil in fear from this idea! The fear is around giving up control.

All you do is let go of life – it’s responsibilities, it’s problems, it’s concerns. Rest and make no decisions. Buy nothing, don’t assert yourself, and take a hiatus for a few hours a couple times of week.

The only catch is, you do it when the moon tells you to! So, your antennas are up now! This might be in the middle of a very busy workday. Practice both sides of control.

Read this article, and follow the rules to the best of your ability. Is it really possible to do nothing and get away with it? Try it out and see. I will notify you of the Moon-OONs.